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Agreement Terms

Locating your business at a prestigious London address has never been easier, start by selecting your chosen Virtual Office location.

LEO Virtual Office agreement

  • Once you have selected your services you will be sent further details and an agreement by a member of the team
  • Your service will commence when we have received the necessary identification documents (if applicable), funds and signed agreement. 
  • View our full terms and conditions here

Virtual Office terms and conditions

  • All of our Virtual Office agreements are available from 3 to 36 month terms. 
  • When you have selected your chosen Virtual Office services we will require specific personal and company identification.

Virtual Office payment requirements

  • We initially require the first month’s fee and a two month service retainer. 
  • The card details supplied will then be charged automatically on a monthly basis using our recurring payment system. It is a secure service and payment card industry compliant.

What we offer