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Coaching Exercise

Are you feeling zapped out? Are you aware of what may be the cause and what you can do to overcome this?

Try the exercise below and have a coaching experience to spark up your vigour.

  1. Click here to obtain your Energy Zapper form.
  2. Follow the instructions to complete the form.
  3. Once completed, click here to email this to Yes We Can.
  4. One of the coaches will get in touch shortly thereafter.

Please note: All coaching sessions are confidential, outside of our LEO Code of Conduct. Each coach is also bound by the ICF Code of Ethics.

Coaching Fridays

The Yes We Can team are offering everyone the opportunity to receive coaching sessions.  Coaching can help you to develop personally or professionally and help in managing change in an area of your life or work.  The team are offering Coaching sessions every Friday, below are the available dates for each Coach for the next couple months together with contact details, please call or email to arrange your session or to find out more about coaching.

Please note that The Yes We Can Team are studying towards their certification in Coaching with the International Coaching Federation, the course involves coaching practice with volunteers on a one to one basis; by attending a Coaching Friday session with the Yes We Can Team, you will be a volunteer “learner”.

Available Dates

  • Friday 20th April
  • Friday 27th April
  • Friday 4th May
  • Friday 11th May
  • Friday 18th May
  • Friday 25th May

If the above dates are not convenient please call any of the Coaches to organise a suitable time.

Check out our new platform to find out more about our coaches - Gain access


What is coaching?

Coaching is the art of facilitating another person’s development and performance; it raises self-awareness and identifies choices. Through coaching, people are able to find their own solutions, develop their own skills and change their own attitudes and behaviours.

Coaching can help people advance towards specific professional goals, examples include:

  • Performance management
  • Organisational effectiveness
  • Managing career and personal changes
  • Improving leadership style
  • Dealing effectively with conflict

Your coach is aware of the need for confidentiality and will work with you in the initial sessions to agree objectives and expectations for how you will work together.

What to expect from your coaching conversation

Coaching uses techniques like Active Listening, Creating Awareness, and Powerful Questions, these skills allow you to realise solutions and develop your problem solving skills that will be useful in your day to day activities. Coaching can be a quick conversation at anytime and anywhere, like the corridor, whilst walking or at a tea point; or,  it can be an in depth session that requires time for deeper conversations in a formal setting like a meeting room.

Below are some video clips of what coaching is all about:

What is coaching
Coaching demonstration with the GROW model

LEO's Coaches

 Name Job Title  Email  Telephone 
 Karina Hasnudeen Project Manager karina.hasnudeen@leo.co.uk 0207 661 9864 / 07740492700
 Osnat Borreda Learning & Development Manager osnat.borreda@leo.co.uk 0203 008 4850 / 07990007121
 Giorgio Christou General Manager giorgio.christou@leo.co.uk 0203 043 0001
 Sandra Szaboova General Manager sandra.szaboova@leo.co.uk 0207 959 3112 / 07990006214
 Liz Allcorn Deputy Operations Director liz.allcorn@leo.co.uk 0207 661 9491 / 07990006045
 Kirby Benning General Manager kirby.benning@leo.co.uk 0207 665 6689 / 07990007998
 Lucy Poysden General Manager lucy.poysden@leo.co.uk 0207 958 9114 / 07990006222
 Gareth Thomas Customer Services Manager gareth.thomas@leo.co.uk 0207 661 9865 / 07979548223
 Bianca Salmon Financial Bookkeeper bianca.salmon@leo.co.uk 0203 178 4633


Yes We Can general distribution email yeswecan@eogroup.onmicrosoft.com

We hope you find your Coaching sessions a highly productive experience and enjoyable.



Our current success stories have been extremely engaging with promising results for the individuals being coached.  Here are some experiences we would like to share with you:


“I really enjoyed [coaching sessions], I found them very beneficial…I think once a month is a good time scale as it gives us long enough to try to reach a goal that has been set etc. Thank you for being my coach and for your help!!!”

- Katie Scott –

“I found the coaching very useful and put a lot of the things we went through into practice and even used some of the techniques with my colleagues. I also found it useful to go through things with someone who was removed from the situation and I really appreciated the fact that you were very objective and did not allow your personal opinion to affect the session.”

- Daisy Celestin -

“In general I find these types of situations quite uncomfortable and feeling quite ‘forced’ but I felt comfortable when speaking with you and you made me feel at ease. I felt that the conversation flowed and you let the session just roll which made it much easier for me to open up, think and then share my thoughts.”

- Laura King –