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Breakfast Power Hour: 

GDPR - Implementation for small to medium sized firms

General Data Protection Regulation will mark a significant change to the way businesses handle personal data and the data management practices that protect it. With the implementation date fast approaching (25th May), now is the time to consider the changes necessary for your business.

This seminar has been designed to provide insight into GDPR and how your business can prepare for it.

The seminar will cover:

- GDPR overview

- Common myths

- Steps to make your business compliant 

Tuesday 10th April 2018 

Event timings:

8:30 am light breakfast and networking

9:00 am  Power Hour begins

10:00 am Questions & close

Location : Octagon Point, St Paul's, 5 Cheapside EC2V 6AA

The seminar will be delivered by Mark Evans:

A senior IT practitioner from the West Midlands, leader of a multiple award-winning team, Mark Evans has brought over twenty five years’ worth of experience in IT strategy, security and data privacy to bear in his efforts to help organisations understand the opportunities and threats from the changing legal landscape presented to anyone in business. Providing advice to SME and multi-nationals.

Email Mishelle Hernandez at mishelle.hernandez@leo.co.uk or call  020 3008 4870 for further details.