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Productivity tips


How to Hold a Productive Meeting

Author: LEO Admin/January 20, 2019

If you’ve ever wondered why your working days fly by …

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The ultimate guide to office space planning

Author: LEO Admin/October 28, 2018

Gone are the days of tiny, lifeless cubicles and trying …

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cycling to work

Are you pedalling towards productivity?

Author: LEO Admin/June 12, 2018

  Over 90 per cent (91%) of Londoners who cycle …

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Walk your way to happiness

Author: Sally Swales/April 5, 2018

     Walking to work provides a better work life …

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5 Ways Serviced Offices Can Benefit Your Start-Up

Author: Mishelle Hernandez/March 21, 2017

The serviced office model provides many advantages for start-up and …

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serviced offices

How to brief your luxurious office design

Author: Stella Chrysaki/October 13, 2016

When briefing designers on your dream office, you want to …

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33 St. James's Square Meeting Room

How natural light can make your meetings and conferences more efficient

Author: Stella Chrysaki/September 1, 2016

How natural light can make your meetings and conferences more …

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8-10 Hill Street Business Lounge

Why London business leaders choose flexible working spaces

Author: Sally Swales/August 25, 2016

Flexible working defined: It is the business decision to give …

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Productivity and the Future workplace

Productivity And The Future of Workplace

Author: Stella Chrysaki/July 27, 2016

What makes a working environment more productive? With the average …

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image_article (5)

5 Ways to Be More Productive on Your Commute

Author: SSwales/February 11, 2016

On average we spend about a year of our lives …

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