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Leo Nova North -MezCam01_Opt02_2_01

Nova North opens for business

Author: LEO Admin/July 19, 2018

  We are proud to announce that we have expanded …

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Walk your way to happiness

Author: Sally Swales/April 5, 2018

     Walking to work provides a better work life …

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New Customer Lounge at 2 Eaton Gate

Author: Mishelle Hernandez/March 14, 2017

The new customer lounge at 2 Eaton Gate exudes simplicity, …

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Nova South Victoria

Coming soon to Nova South, Victoria, SW1

Author: Stella Chrysaki/February 20, 2017

South Terrace, Nova South | Victoria SW1 We are proud …

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exterior combo

Video and Office Showcases

Author: Stella Chrysaki/January 12, 2017

Mayfair At the very heart of the London borough of …

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image_copy_large (11)

In the Business Spotlight: 14 Curzon Street

Author: Flora/May 14, 2015

Thursday 23rd April saw the official launch of one of …

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image_copy_large (8)

In the Business Spotlight: The City

Author: Flora/February 5, 2015

The City of London is arguably known as the financial …

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