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It’s Spring Decluttering Time – Reasons to Clean Your Office Desk

Author: LEO Admin/June 6, 2019

It’s finally starting to feel like spring and the longer days have alerted us to just how easy it is to slip into working with a messy desk. Maybe there are a few too many cables around or the remnants of Christmas party decorations to be found in a drawer, but whatever mess is hanging around your desk, it’s time for a spring declutter.

Messy desks are bad for businesses – it’s been reported that the average worker spends up to half an hour per day searching for relevant papers. Over a week, this adds up to a significant loss of productivity alongside negative environmental impact if the papers have to be reprinted. It’s not just clutter that’s a cause for concern – keyboards, like smartphones, are breeding grounds for bacteria and are in need of regular cleaning. Here at LEO, we believe that clutter-free desk space is the first step to a productive and healthy day – here’s how to make it happen.


1. List What You Use

If your desk is filled with objects and papers, then this exercise is for you. For a week or two jot down the objects, you reach for on a regular basis. The easiest way of doing this is by listing everything currently on your desk (you can include your drawers too, should you wish to be extra thorough) and put ticks next to object every time you reach for it. After a week or two you can easily tally up the ticks and confidently let go of everything else.

2. Donate Unused Items 

Everyone should try to minimise their landfill contributions by reusing, donating, and recycling instead. Once you know what you no longer need, do a little research on how to best rehome it. Tech and electrical equipment can be donated to charity shops if it’s still in working order, otherwise, it needs to be recycled in accordance with the law. Sometimes there’s a lot of electrical equipment to recycle, especially when the whole office spring cleans, in which case you can book a recycling collection for a fee.

3. Get Cleaning

Most of us will spend anywhere between thirty and forty hours at our desks daily, sometimes more if lunch hour were to be added. Now, when was the last time you gave the desk, monitor, and keyboard a real clean? Grab some dusting cloths and maybe antibacterial spray too, giving everything on your desk a thorough clean. Use canned air to clear crumbs and dust from your keyboard. A fresh desk is great to work at and it’ll reduce your chances of getting ill. While you’re at it, give your smartphone’s screen a clean too – it really can’t hurt.

4. Digital Detox

It’s not just our physical spaces that need clearing out – your computer files need sorting out too. It’s easy to save something to desktop or to the general documents folder, promising yourself to file it later, which we all know is a bit of a lie! Set time aside to go through your documents and folders, implementing new systems if need be and deleting whatever’s unused. Streamline your document access to increase the productivity and smoothness of work processes which in turn will decrease stress.

5. Weekly Clean

We all get too busy and let things pile up on our desks, making the cleaning process arduous, and moving near impossible. But in the fast-paced life of modern offices, having an untidy desk is a hindrance to efficiency and productivity. Set sometime aside each week to go through your desk and drawers, disinfect where appropriate and deal with digital clutter. The old adage of ‘a tidy house, tidy mind’ still holds true and many could reap its benefits with a weekly tidy up. Ready to explore luxury serviced offices for your company? LEO are here to meet all your needs, with meeting rooms and serviced offices in London’s most prestigious locations.

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