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Why hot desking might be right for you?

Author: LEO Admin/December 6, 2018

Hot desking is an increasingly popular trend across different industries as companies have noticed the host of benefits it brings to offices. Companies are trying to do away with the old methods of working that isolated employees and rigidly assigned seating, which discouraged open channels of communication. Employees, the thinking goes, need freedom around the office since they’re the best arbiters of what works well for them.

There are two different types of hot desking that need to be distinguished between. The first is the classic scenario explained above – companies without a set seating plan, encouraging employees to move around and find a new seat daily.

The second is essentially a version of co-working whereby individuals or small groups take advantage of flexible spaces that provide desks, wi-fi, and a host of other benefits on an as-needed basis. Read on to find out why it might be the right solution for you.




The nature of businesses, and even the way its conducted is changing. Start-ups are especially keen to disrupt everything we know about ways of working. The truth is that not everyone needs to be at a desk every day. Entrepreneurs and those just starting their businesses often fall under this category as they’re out at meetings a lot and only stationary for a few days during the working week. Hot-desking makes this flexibility possible whenever it’s needed without scary long-term leases or astronomical renting costs.


Following on from the last point, the flexible nature of hot-desking means that you never have to pay for space you don’t use. Hot-desking spaces can be booked in advance and on a part-time basis, unlike traditional offices. Plus, you can take advantage of things that are included in the price of renting, like excellent wi-fi and refreshment areas. If you’re happy working from home or cafes most of the time with only the occasional need for a more formal environment, then hot-desking is a great solution.


Working in an environment with other hot-desking professionals is great for networking. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded people from different industries allowing you grow your professional network. Hot-desking spaces often try to maximise this through well equipped social areas where grabbing a coffee can also mean making a key business contact. You just never know which casual introduction can lead to a new business opportunity.



It’s understandably difficult to achieve high levels of privacy when hotdesking so if your work is of a sensitive nature then it’s definitely something to consider. To circumvent the issue, search for co-working spaces with bookable meeting rooms and take advantage of them on days when you know you have to handle private calls or documents of a sensitive nature.


If you’re after a desk in a central location, then probably so are a lot of others. Some hot-desking spaces will let you choose an area yourself while others will work on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, leaving you a little more limited in your choices. One solution to this could be to arrive early or search for a desk in a slightly less central and popular location if you’re quite particular about your choice of working space.

Hot-desking won’t be for everyone, but entrepreneurs and start-ups have a lot to gain from spaces that offer a professional environment, amenities, and a network of like-minded individuals ready to be tapped into. Moreover, it’s a flexible and moneywise option for those not needing permanent office space.


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