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Why collaborative project management matters?

Author: LEO Admin/December 6, 2018

If you’ve ever run a project as part of your job, you know that project management is the most important aspect of any successful business venture. But project management often overshadows another part of a project that is just as crucial – project collaboration.

Collaborating on a project has always been important, but in an increasingly smaller business world that is connected through a variety of tools, it has become more and more critical.



What is project collaboration?

Project management is all about taking control of a project, ensuring that resources and people are tasked correctly throughout its lifecycle and ensuring it meets the deadlines on time and budget.

Project collaboration, on the other hand, is all about how people work together to complete a project. Attempting to build a project on a foundation of poor teamwork can quickly make it untenable, whereas providing a positive environment for all team members translates to a much more stable project.

Why collaborative project management matters?

Collaborative project management software is based on the principle of involving all members of the project team and including them in the planning, resourcing and control processes found in any project.

In this way, project management doesn’t become the sole responsibility of the lead project manager, it becomes an integral part of the project for all team members. Allowing the team to take ownership over the process ensures that they buy into the project and it is successfully executed in the end.

Essentially, collaborative project management means teamwork. It is about gathering a group of skilled individuals across a range of backgrounds and leveraging their collective talents and experience in order to achieve an efficient and successful outcome.

Collaborative project management is important because not only does it benefit the company at large, but it helps enhance the skills and development of individual team members. It helps reinforce essential attributes like communication, support and responsibility. These skills, hopefully, stay with the team members long after the project is finished, allowing them to apply these newfound skills towards other projects.

Collaborative project management software

Collaborative project management software is a collection of tools that can be used to help a project team to plan, organise, track tasks and report on the project.

Using collaborative project management software allows your team to access all the necessary information that they need, in a timely manner. Software for a collaborative project should also allow your team to communicate in real time either through a messaging application or a conferencing system.


As businesses are increasingly dispersed across locations and time zones, collaborative project management is ever more important. Whether it is a collaborative research project, an internal project for stakeholders, or a macro piece for your biggest client, your team will need to work together to get it over the line.

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