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Choosing the Right Postcode in London

Author: LEO Admin/June 6, 2019

London is the UK’s undisputed business hub when it comes to every kind of industry. The city houses a vibrant mix of well-established companies and big names alongside start-ups and innovators, creating a desirable environment for businesses of every size. Like attracts like, so the saying goes, and it’s natural for companies with similar interests to cluster together in industry hubs dotted around the city. If your business is new, or just new to London, you might be wondering what the best location for your office or virtual office is – that’s something LEO can help you with as we have a range of locations in London’s most prestigious postcodes. Below we will take a look at some of London’s most sought-after locations and the industries based there.

Finance – City of London

London has a reputation as the financial capital of the world, drawing countless companies to the areas around Bank, looking to share its EC3 postcode. Bank is home to, unsurprisingly, a lot of British and international banks and the London Stock Exchange. It’s a financial epicentre offering a full range of financial services alongside law firms and glamorous retailers. It’s clear why a business with financial ties might want to share the same postcode as the Bank of England; if you’d like to have a virtual presence in this area, then LEO can help with our virtual offices.


Luxury Media – Mayfair and Soho

The walkable distance between Mayfair and Soho make them the perfect partners and some of the best postcodes in London. Mayfair is one of London’s most affluent areas and the place to go for designer shopping, upscale hotels and auction houses. Soho is its trendy younger sister, full of creatives from the media and film industries plus a thriving nightlife and restaurant scene. Anyone wanting to rub shoulders with the city’s glitterati should look to these areas for a business address, the after-work networking alone would be worth it. Office space isn’t the easiest to come by though LEO has a range of luxury spaces available to match the luxurious surroundings.

Why Choose a Business Address in London?

Here at LEO, we believe that London is a great all-around city for anything from business and leisure all the way through to culture and entertainment, but the benefits of registered business address in London mean a lot more than this.

London is an undisputable hub, bringing together different cultural and business strands for a truly thriving and inspiring environment. Any established and aspiring businesspeople can benefit from the tools and expertise on, often within walking distance from each other. The diversity of industries all thriving in London means quick access to investors, banking, creatives, marketing and, most importantly, customers, so that a business idea can become a reality in the shortest amount of time possible. It’s helpful to think of the city as a jack-of-all-trades and take advantage of all the opportunities on offer, starting with the right business address for your business.

Ready for an office move? Explore LEO’s range of luxury serviced offices, located in London’s most exclusive locations to help your business reach all its goals. Or why not relocate virtually and make use of virtual offices in London, courtesy of LEO.

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