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3 Signs Your Company is Ready for an Office Move

Author: LEO Admin/June 16, 2019

Sometimes it can be hard to recognise that you need to move offices. Maybe you find yourself bumping into colleagues on the way to the coffee area, a pile-up of documents without a proper place, and a constant fight for the meeting room. These are just a few of the reasons that might cause you to start thinking of moving office. Still, they can be hard to miss in the flurry of day-to-day office life, negatively affecting productivity and the general office mood. Here at LEO, we believe that the right office is essential to a happy workforce.



But first, let’s refresh why we think serviced offices are an excellent option for companies of any size. London is known for its distinct business districts, like Mayfair and the City, but finding the right office space and setting up from scratch can prove to be impossible as the market is a competitive one. LEO’s office buildings, 38 to date, are all in London’s most desirable business locations, giving you the freedom to locate yourself next to international businesses or innovative start-ups. All our offices are designed with style and functionality in mind so you can move in and start working without disruption. Lastly, we offer scalable solutions so your business can get the extra desks and meeting room space when you need it. So, what are the signs to watch out for when determining if you’re ready for an office move?


When businesses are just starting out, the hunt for office space is typically determined by cost more than location. It’s an understandable compromise that can help the business to stand up on its feet. With time, though, you might begin to notice that the location no longer serves you well. You might find that you’re just too far from other businesses. Maybe the transport links aren’t the best, and your employees and clients have to travel for a long time, or maybe the area just isn’t the best at servicing your needs. Location matters – it makes up a part of your company’s image and therefore needs to be chosen carefully. If you start to feel like the location of your current office leaves a lot to be desired, then it’s time to think of moving to a better one.

2.Office Interior

An attractive office interior, just like the location of your business, is vital to its image. A white room with rows of grey desks isn’t very inspiring for your employees, nor is it likely to leave any impression on clients. Decorating an office is costly and, unless you or someone at your company is a secret interior designer, not always easy. That’s why at LEO, we ensure that all our offices are decorated tastefully, with a choice of more traditional or contemporary styles. Each office has a distinct personality, so you never feel like you’re walking into a generic office block. If your office interior is no longer inspiring you or you find that clients aren’t particularly impressed, then an office move might be the thing to help your business grow and succeed.

3.Hiring Employees

If your company is growing and you’re looking to hire more employees, then an office move would be the step to take first. While it might seem counterintuitive in actuality, it is linked to the above points. You’re most likely looking to attract top talent to your organisation, but they will also be looking at your salary and benefits package when choosing a place to work. Great location and a comfortable, stylish office environment fall under the benefits category as employees want short commute times and lovely working surroundings. Having these desirable qualities will give your business a competitive edge when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent, lowering the cost of employee turnover. Before starting the hiring journey, consider whether your current office space is a desirable place to work and if you have the space to house new employees.

Next time you’re wondering ‘should I move office?’ refer to the above points for a little friendly guidance. When you’re ready for the big move, browse LEO’s range of luxury serviced offices for inspiration or the location of your company’s new home.

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