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Unmissable London Exhibitions: The July and August Roundup

Author: Flora/July 21, 2015

London is a fantastic city for art lovers. With hundreds of galleries and museums, big and small, there are a whole array of exhibitions to choose from at any given moment. If you are in the mood for some lunchtime art appreciation, have some time to kill between meetings, or want a few events or activities to recommend to visiting clients, we have gathered together some of the best London exhibitions taking place in July and August.


Chopines © V & A Museum, London

V&A – Shoes: Pleasure and PainUntil 31 January

Looking at the extremes of footwear from across the ages and across the globe, this exhibition features over 200 pairs of shoes, including a sandal from Ancient Egypt made of gold leaf as well as sky-high heels and dramatic shapes from contemporary designers. Less than ten minutes’ walk from LEO’s serviced offices at 81 Fulham Road, you can explore the history, folklore and cultural background surrounding shoes, their transformative powers, and the process of their.



Happy Holiday, Agnes Martin 1999. © Estate of Agnes Martin

Tate Modern – Agnes MartinUntil 11 October

The first retrospective of Martin’s work since her death in 2004, head to the Tate to discover the paintings that made her a leading player in the American abstract art scene in the 1950s and 60s. Through the exhibition you’ll explore the power of subtlety and minimalism through Martin’s evocative work, famous for her delicate use of colour and love of symmetry.



Large and Small Form, Barbara Hepworth 1934. © Bowness, Hepworth Estate

Tate Britain – Barbara Hepworth: Sculpture for a Modern WorldUntil 25 October

One of the leading sculptors of the twentieth century, this retrospective combines some of Barbara Hepworth’s most famous work and her rarely seen sculptures. Born in Yorkshire and based in Cornwall for a major part of her life, Hepworth’s work is almost always associated with the sea and the landscape of the south-west. However, this exhibition places her firmly among her peers and in the wider context of art at that time.




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