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Run St James’s

Author: SSwales/December 5, 2014

St James’s Park is the oldest of the Royal Parks in London. Surrounded by the Houses of Parliament, St James’s Palace and Buckingham Palace, the park is a beautiful green space in the middle of a busy city. A small park, it is often busy, but being so close to so many of LEO’s serviced offices, St James’s park is perfect for a lunchtime run.

We’ve plotted a route for you around St James’s Park, and at 1.4 miles, it should take around 15 minutes to run. This leaves you with enough time to freshen up and get back to work all in your lunch hour. This route is perfect if you’re based at our Pall Mall serviced offices. The location is perfect, plus we have shower facilities here too.

The Route


Start at The Mall


Take a left from the LEO offices on Pall Mall onto Marlborough Rd, and head towards the famous St James’s Park gates. (This entrance is around halfway up The Mall, just turn left.)

Run around in the Park


When you reach Inn the Park, turn right towards the lake. Wave to any of the 300 pelicans that are residents in the park that you might see!

Follow The Lake


Follow the path all the way around the lake so you’re effectively on the opposite side of the bridge. As you run around the lake, you may see artistically decorated deckchairs, and the Tiffany Fountain. Turn right so you’re jogging away from the lake and heading towards the exit.

Just before the exit on to Birdcage Walk, turn left and head back towards the lake.

Straight Past The Guards Division Memorial


As you reach the lake, you’ll see the Foreign and Commonwealth Offices on your right. Further up, you’ll pass The Guards Division Memorial.

Back at the Mall


Finally, you’ll emerge from St James’s Park opposite the Duke of York column. Your run is complete.



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