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Hot Desking & Flexible Working Space in London

If you require the flexibility of working from one or more of our prestigious London business centres on a flexible basis, our hot desking service could be the ideal solution.

Key features of our flexible working space:

  • Hot desks can be used on a part-time basis in a prime central London business centre
  • Hot desks can be booked in advance
  • Wi-Fi internet connection included
  • Telephone access
  • Hot desks are for customers of LEO only. If you would like a facility where you can bring guests, you may want to consider executive business lounge membership
  • Access to a full range of business support services including meeting rooms and administrative support

LEO Virtual Office customers can also use all of our hot desking facilities on an ad-hoc basis . Simply contact your home business centre for details.

We offer a multi-centre hot desking package which will allow you to use the touchdown facilities in any of the below buildings. If you require a regular hot desk facility, we offer a monthly pre-pay package of 20 hours.

Hot desking / flexible working space is available at the following London locations:

West End / Midtown locations:

City of London