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Quarter in Pictures

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Employee of the Quarter | Allan Taylor - Q4 2016

Employee of the Quarter | Vikesh Patel - Q1 2017

Visiting Nova South

The view from Nova South

Goodies and bubbles

Easter at LEO

Team Bonding

 Sunny Garden - 53 Davies Street

David Gandy spotted outside 33 St James's Square

Lit up reception - Octagon Point

Revamped reception area - 41 Lothbury

Beth Hampson - PA Event - 8-10 Hill Street

PA Event - 8-10 Hill Street

Goody bags - 8-10 Hill Street

Breakfast opening - 41 Lothbury

Client Event - 33 St James's Square

Client Event - 33 St James's Square

LEO Easter bunny

View from Nova South

Partnerships Collateral

Wealth Management Event Breakfast - 33 St James's Square

LEO Experience

Team bonding

MDP  Presentations - Nova South

MDP  Group - Nova South