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Preferential Parking Rates

Benefit from our preferential Q-Park rates

Season Tickets:

10% discount off the normal season ticket rates.

Daily Visitor Parking:

Q-Park will supply discounted single use daily parking tickets with a 15% reduction on the usual hourly/daily rate.

This will apply to vehicles parked by visitors and paying when they exit the car park.

Pre-booked Parking:

Q-Park will offer discounted pre-booking with pre-payment for visitors.

Booking Procedure:

To receive your discount please visit  www.q-park.co.uk  go to the relevant car park page, click on Pre-Booking and enter the promotional code LEO1 when making your booking.

Rate information:

 1. Abingdon Car Park, SW1 P3RX 
 2. Pimlico Car Park, SW1V 4JQ 
 3. Knightsbridge Car Park, SW1X 8EA
 4. Trafalgar Car Park, SW1A 2TS
 5. Chinatown Car Park, WC2H 7PR
 6. Soho Street Car Park, W1F 7NQ
 7. Oxford Street Car Park, W1G 0PN
 8. Harley Street Car Park, W1G 9HF
 9. Cramer Street Car Park, W1U 4EY
10. Burlington Street Car Park, W1S 3AF
11. Park Lane Car Park, W1K 7TY
12. Marble Arch Car Park, W1K 7TY