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Introducing the new LEO Property Services team

As part of LEO’s commitment to provide 5 star service for all of our customers and make property services more efficient, the technical and fabric maintenance teams have been merged to form one combined, 24 person Property Services team.

Please see the team organisation chart below to view the structure of the team

Your main points of contact within the helpdesk team will be

Sue Clark – Contract Support Manager

Sharon Murphy – Contract Support

Sharon Hughes – Contract Support

The helpdesk team are based at 33 St James’s Square and can be contacted on: Tel: 020 3709 4930 or propertyservices@leo.co.uk

As of 2nd November all jobs or requests for quotations, should be logged via our the helpdesk team. Please note that all project or sales related requests will be dealt with in the usual way by Maciek, supported by Monika, but again your request must be logged with the helpdesk in the first instance.