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Clay Pigeon Shooting

...by Maisie Flight

If I’m honest, I started clay pigeon shooting to get better at the real thing. Having not taken it too seriously at the start as it was purely to practice, I quickly became addicted to the sport. Clay Pigeon Shooting has an international community which allows anyone who can shoot, and who enjoys shooting, to travel the world competing alongside the greats.

As an Olympic sport, the popularity of it is becoming widely recognised, however something that isn’t are women that shoot. This is something that is still in the process of changing one step at a time, partly through all-female shooting clubs like Femmes Fatales and the Chelsea Bun Club, along with ambassadors such as Amber Hill and Cheryl Hall.


I’ve been shooting clays for 4 years, but only competitively for 24 months. It has allowed me to travel all over the country attending small scale shoots on farmland in the Derbyshire moors, up to the World English Sporting Championships at my home shooting ground E J Churchill.

The things I love most about clay shooting are firstly, the communities and people that you meet. I have shot alongside Mark Marshall and George Digweed MBE, two individuals that have set the standard for English Sporting competition, but also juniors that have just started and will no doubt pursue it to the highest standard.


Secondly, absolutely ANYONE can do it. Yes, to excel at shooting it takes a lot of practice, concentration and confidence, but in reality, there are so many shooting schools that have incredible instructors that will guarantee you to hit targets, and also have the best experience.

And thirdly (but not lastly as I have an endless list of reasons) is that it gives me the best excuse to escape London life and spend time in the most glorious surroundings and parts of the country with scenery which makes the whole experience so much more enjoyable.