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17 Cavendish Square - Meet the team

17 Cavendish Square is Grade II listed building behind John Lewis (Oxford Street) short walk from Harley Street, New Cavendish Street, Marylebone High Street as well as Baker Street and Oxford Circus stations.

Previous uses and occupants of the building include John Brinsmead & Sons, one of England's premier piano manufacturers, Victor Stiebel’s couture house whose clients included Princess Margaret and Katherine Hepburn. The building has been in the LEO portfolio since 1964 and has undergone many changes, its most distinctive feature is detailed sculptural work by Gilbert Bayes which includes lively cherubic musicians, and three allegorical girls.

Cavendish Square is 5,116sqft and has 19 offices. There are currently 17 companies based at the building which is 100% occupied! Other notable successes are that one third of the clients have been at 11 Cavendish Square for more than eight years and the is home to the company that has holds the longest residential contract, AE Global Investment Management, who have been a residential client since 2002.

So that’s the building, now here’s some information on the background of the team, that make the building tick!:


Thony Rascouailles started as a CRA in 2005 and was part of the team who opened 117 Fenchurch Street. Thony has since worked in various buildings including Broadgate Court, Hudson House or No 1 King Street. He is now GM for Gloucester Place and Cavendish Square.

Boris Georgiev started as CRA in 2013 and was based at 1 Cornhill, on the same year he was promoted as CRS. Boris is currently a DGM at  17 Cavendish and a valuable member of the team. 

Ayak Deng joined LEO in December 2015 as CRA based between 84 Brook Street and 17 Cavendish Square. Ayak is currently based between 17 Cavendish Square and the newly opened building, 21 Gloucester Place he joined LEO with a strong customer service background.

Claudia Vigouroux is the newest member of the team, she started as an apprentice in April 2016 at 33 St James’s Square and recently moved to become part of the team between 17 Cavendish and 21 Gloucester Place.

Rebecca Bowyer started her journey with LEO in March 2014 as an apprentice at 33 St James’s Square. Once her apprenticeship was completed Rebecca took over CRA position between 84 Brook Street and 17 Cavendish Square. Rebecca was successfully promoted to CRS in January 2016 and after the opening of 21 Gloucester Place, Rebecca now works between Cavendish Square and 21 Gloucester Place.