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Management Development Program

The MDP program prepares individuals to become constructive and more effective leaders of their team. It provides the foundation that allows for greater introspective leadership that creates the buy-in in empowerment.

Congratulations to our  Management Development Program contributors. Compliments to their commitment, their valuable input and the innovative, forward-thinking and entrepreneurial  ideas communicated at the MDP Presentation.


Your Mid-Year Appraisement

With the mid-year hot on our heels, start thinking constructively about your performance, your contribution over the last few months.

Use your review meeting as an positive opportunity to communicate the quality  ( and consistency ) of your work, your motivations, your self-development wish-list followed by your career advancement, think outside the norm-box and present creative ideas to enhance your efficiency ( or the teams efficiency), discuss shortcomings that may have caused postponements in reaching goals and resources and what training and resources you may need to overcome the latter obstacle.


Mindset to take into your Appraisement - Make it Worthwhile

Plan your review. Document all points of discussion

Step into the meeting with productive thought and constructive feedback

Be open and truthful about your work experience

Listen actively

Ask questions

Provide information, specific examples or data to validate your contribution

Focus on your performance to-date

Define the follow-up road-map for your personal development and growth for the coming months

Demonstrate ownership in your role

Be Empowered to be and do better the next time round

‘Inspire, yourself – its incredible infectious!’ Sandy, HR Manager


There is a number of opportunities available within LEO. We are currently looking for General Managers, Deputy General Managers, Customer Service Supervisors and Customer Service Assistants. If you are interested in one of the roles available speak to your line manager and Area General Manager.

LEO Incentive

If you know anyone who possesses outstanding customer service skills and would like to work at LEO, don’t forget to refer them. The reward for referring a candidate is £1000; providing they successfully complete probationary period. Please send CVs to recruitment@leo.co.uk