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Outstanding Contribution

Here's what people had to say; 

'As Project Manager for LEO she has worked with people across all departments and with no team of her own, had to work hard to get everyone on board to be able to deliver the various projects on time. She is a great motivator and has a fantastic, infectious, positive attitude. Her work to deliver the Cascade Project with limited assistance from HR due to staffing issues without complaining is a testament to her commitment.'

'Her work on the LEO Experience is also noteworthy and think she brings a great element of customer service and industry experience to this course which is shared with all new starters.'

'She is an absolute delight to work with and she has done a fantastic job with the projects she has been involved with throughout the year.'

'She is always very helpful when you need assistance and she has been a great trainer and support during the roll out of Cascade. She is very patient and doesn’t get stressed and she always gives it 100%.'

'She’s a true asset to LEO and her contribution stands out.'

'For her hard work and commitment in driving the success of projects such as Cascade.'

'Her ability to balance the demands of the teams she is working with coupled with the needs of the business has been outstanding this year. Her attitude and flexibility are a testament to her commitment to the company. She has jumped into every new task or project with enthusiasm.'