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vistual office picture

The differences between a virtual office and outsourcing

Author: Stella Chrysaki/December 5, 2016

    What is the difference between a virtual office …

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Do you need a visa to set up a virtual office in London? | LEO – London Executive Offices

Author: Stella Chrysaki/October 27, 2016

For entrepreneurs and start-ups, London remains the best place in …

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33 St. James's Square Meeting Room

How natural light can make your meetings and conferences more efficient

Author: Stella Chrysaki/September 1, 2016

How natural light can make your meetings and conferences more …

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8-10 Hill Street Business Lounge

Why London business leaders choose flexible working spaces

Author: Sally Swales/August 25, 2016

Flexible working defined: It is the business decision to give …

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London City Office

Most important factors for businesses renting office space in London

Author: SSwales/July 8, 2016

If you’re looking to rent an office in London don’t …

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The Rise of the Digital Nomad: Why it’s Time to Embrace the Mobile Workforce

Author: SSwales/November 19, 2015

Since 2012, many British businesses have been anticipating that more …

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The Six Best Things about Working in… Midtown

Author: Flora/July 8, 2015

Nestled between the City and the West End, the area …

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image_copy_large (10)

Five Things to Consider When Booking a Meeting Room in London

Author: Flora/April 28, 2015

Booking a meeting room can be challenging, especially the first …

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1 Cornhill Meeting Rooms

5 Reasons Why a Virtual Office Will Benefit Your Start-Up

Author: Flora/April 13, 2015

Unsure whether your business would benefit from a better address? …

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Smart London: Putting London on the Digital Map

Author: SSwales/January 21, 2015

London is a city renowned for its ever expanding offerings …

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