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LEO Awards

All the nominees of the LEO annual awards have exceeded expectations with customers and colleagues, are excellent communicators, respect their colleagues and go the extra mile to motivate others and maximise opportunities. They demonstrate LEO's core values and are committed to maximising opportunity, efficiency and profitability.

Centre Team Member of the Year

Winner - Simona Nichifor

'Nothing is too much trouble to. Great attitude and positive approach to everything.'

'This person embodies all the Core Values and is very smart, ambitious.'

'Very positive, friendly and always happy. Always receives good feedback from customers and colleagues alike, goes the extra mile to support the team taking on additional duties without question. Very dedicated and always goes above and beyond for the customers.'

General Manager of the Year

Winner - Tim Last

'Tim provides a 5 star service to his customers and colleagues alike. He always has time to talk to his team and offers training and support to make sure the centre can run smoothly, even when he is not there. Nothing is too much trouble for him, he will bend over backwards to help any other department and has a strong relationship with people because of it. When he recently moved back to a centre from his past, the customers were delighted to work with him again.'

'He is happy to take on any challenge, and does it with a smile. Tim was instrumental in the turnaround of Pont Street from a top focus building (45% occupancy) to 100% through a relaunch of the building in the early part of the year. Tim is always on hand to help with everything and anything from sources smaller desks to organising building works. Tim not only works well with employees, he is someone who all of his customers love. His customer service is exemplary and due to the fact he has worked at a few focus buildings which have become top performers, his nomination is well deserved.'

Support Person of the Year

Winner - Miriam Baker

'Since joining the company, Miriam has been an invaluable member to all departments. Creating meeting room occupancy reports, being one of the leads on CentreVision ensuring the data is correct and assisting everyone as required. Her diligence, patience and work ethic is excellent and she truly embodies all aspects of the LEO culture.'

'Always helpful, super friendly, responds quickly to any queries.'

Sales and Marketing Person of the Year

Winner - Laura Wood

'Laura has taken on a lot in her role and always does her best to please everyone. She is great with contacting customers and answering questions. She was even on hand to double check my agreements and she has a naturally friendly personality that customers appreciate.'

'Laura is a standout example of what a sales person should aspire to achieve. She demonstrate knowledge of all parts of the business with their past experience. She has delivered on every task and target set this year. She also has helped train every new starter we have had which is so time consuming, but she will always do it with a smile.'

'Laura consistently has LEO and all of its values in mind. She works hard to ensure revenue is at its maximum and customer satisfaction is being achieved, she is never afraid to get her hands dirty and always helps every department if it is needed. Not only has she ensured that company records are being set and boundaries being pushed, but also made sure that every task is completed with a smile on her face and nothing is ever too much.'

'The hard work, dedication and experience from Laura over the years has meant she is someone everyone can turn to and learn from – she really is a true LEO asset!'

Centre of the Year

Winner - Central Court

'Occupancy has stayed above 90% consistently throughout the year. Working with Account Management to move customers around the building to accommodate new deals whilst keeping so positive throughout.'

'Account Management have consistently commented on how renewals in this building are a pleasure as the customers always compliment how fantastic the team are, the level of service and how much they love the building.'

'Front reception team always complimented by both existing and potential customers – always stand up, friendly and all with a smile.'

'Great team ethic, nothing is too much trouble, always happy to get involved and help.'

Congratulations to the team;

Peter Kitchener

Stefania Pace

Giorgio Christou

Anna Santos

Toni Wilkinson

Andrius Banevicius


Aimee-Louise Gannon

Elizabeth McLean

Georgia Webber

Milena Rak

Nikola Vilhardova

Orsolya Molnar

Loyalty and Commitment to the Company

3 Years

Holly Barker

Mohammad Bhuta

Malgorzata Chodlewska

Giorgio Christou

Leona George

Boris Georgiev

Beth Hampson

Gabriel Kow

Sarah-Louise Lee

Melissa Newell

Marlene Nilsson

Steven Pooley

Ewa Pyzia

Sally Swales

Laura Peacock 

6 Years

Augustyna Avery

Laura Farlow

Sandra Szaboova

Robert Zawislak

9 Years

Martina Butler

Kristian Dziedzic

Mel Reeves

Lorna Woolven

12 Years

Mira Calvey

Laura Tudor

Laura Wood

Marek Wozny

Congratulations to all our winners and runners up.